Hotel Helia & staying longer

Want to stay longer?

If you want to stay longer at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia, the hotel has offered a room rate of 72 EUR/night for a single room, and 82 EUR/night for a double room for the pre- and post-nights (+/- 3 nights) upon availability. Please contact Dávid Pető directly, and arrange your extended stay, mentioning that you are participating at the CERN Accelerator School.

About the hotel

The hotel has a thermal spa (with thermal water coming from the Margit island through a pipeline, under the Danube). Don't forget your swimming dress!

Hotel coordinates

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia
Kárpát utca 62-64.,
1133 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36-1-889-5800
GPS coordinates: N 47°31'32" E 19°3'21"